Videography: The best way to communicate

We are in the middle of a huge shift in media.  People have began to gravitate to towards short video.  On a personal level, video allows you to relive old memories and capture new ones in ways that speaks to hearts like no other media can. While video for businesses and corporations give customers glimpses and insights into your business that have never been possible before. Video is about communicating, openness, honesty, and emotion.  Message me and let’s get something started.

Here are a few details:
  • Available for travel (travel expenses added to purchased package)
  • Turnaround from 1-4 weeks.  Rush turnaround available upon request.



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V I T A   S T O R I E S


A 3-5 minute cinematic, documentary-styled short film 

Perfect for reliving personal memories and capturing new moments you never want to forget 

Small Business


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S O C I A L  M E D I A   P R O M O   V I D E O


1 minute cinematic, promotional video 

Perfect for any small business or event

F U L L   L E N G T H   P R O M O   V I D E O


A 3-5 minute cinematic, promotional video

Perfect for a small business website, YouTube channel and Facebook page 

C H U R C H / M I N I S T R Y


Just give what you can.  A free-will offering.

Any video project: 1 minute promo, full length promo, church announcement videos, interviews, etc

Message to discuss interest



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C O R P O R A T E   F U L L   L E N G T H   P A C K A G E

A 3-5 minute cinematic, promotional video

Two 1 minute cinematic, promotional videos

C O R P O R A T E   C U S T O M   P A C K A G E

Custom video package to suit your needs.