What’s up, family?!


I’m 33 years old and love to create.  I’m married to the most beautiful woman in the world, Whitney, and have 2 incredible daughters, Ruby (4 yr) & Selah (1 yr).  Along with creative work, I serve as the Associate Pastor of Medora Pentecostal Church in Medora, Indiana.

I think the reason why I love creative work so much is the way it integrates into other peoples lives.  Being able to create something that engages with hearts is something that I’m passionate about, both in ministry & profession.

Capturing memories, making dreams become reality, helping push positive purpose forward, are all reasons why I do what I do.  All reasons why I invest myself into my work.

I look forward to any opportunity I have to be able to build the Kingdom of God, invest in others and share what God has given me to better impact the people around me.

If you are needing a photographer or videographer, a web or graphic designer, shoot me a message.  I would love to help in anyway I can!


Be blessed,